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The 14 Athletic Wear Companies That Are Actually Good for the World

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The 14 Athletic Wear Companies That Are Actually Good for the World

Manufacturing: This athletic footwear company adheres to the Fair Labor Standards Act and vows (kinda vaguely) to uphold the highest standards of labor practices, including human and workers rights.


Environment: Their shoeboxes and packaging are made from 100 percent recycled materials. Merrell is also one of the largest purchasers of renewable energy in Michigan. Theres no cause too small, either: Even the head office composts all its leftover food, including plates and cutlery  dont worry, theyre biodegradable, too!


Philanthropy: Theyre big contributors to organizations that get people active: Project Athena provides race training and entry fees for women recovering from illnesses, and Outdoor Nation travels the country reconnecting millennials with the outdoors. (So I guess were not beyond help!). Merrell also donates old apparel to charity, sent 4,000 shoes to Haiti, and has contributed more than half a million dollars to United Way, a global volunteer organization.

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